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In the world of event sports, being prepared can be the difference between success and failure. Being organised, making the best use of the limited time, having everything at your fingertips, you are ready for whatever the day throws at you, leaving you to think about nothing else but your next performance… 
Hi, my name is Autumn and I am a Latin and Ballroom competitive dancer. I started Latin and Ballroom dancing when I was eight having done Ballet from the age of 6. My dad found me a dance school close to where we lived and I soon discovered that it was something that I loved to do! To begin with I had just a couple of outfits, a Ballroom and a Latin dress, nothing to fancy, with shoes to match and my dad would sign me up to all the local juvenile competitions to get some experience. My early success in these local competitions led to me being trained by former champions and I was catapulted onto the national dance scene and that’s when everything changed! 
Being part of that larger dance scene can be pretty hectic, whether it’s a full-on training sessions in the evening or an all weekend competition switching between the variety of disciplines, it can all leave your head in a bit of a spin! 
To be organised was the key and we quickly realised that we needed a bag to contain all my kit and that’s when we found Dream Duffel! 
My Medium Duffel quite literally has everything I need packed into it, ready for a trip to my next training session or a weekend away for a competition. 
Competition weekends can be quite a challenge with so much going on, everything seems to come rushing at you so fast it barely leaves you enough time to think. You can be competing in the first round doing a Rumba, then just as you finish that you hear from the judges that you made it through to the next round of the Samba which is in 3 minutes time! It can be very fast paced and you need to have all the routines that you have spent long hours practicing contained in your head, so when you’re told that your next dance is the Paso. The Paso is all you are thinking about at that moment in time, you can’t afford to think about anything else! It’s such a relief knowing that I can take my Dream Duffel containing everything I need into the dance arena, that’s the space in my head, the one thing I don’t need to give any thought to because I know it’s all there. That gives me the confidence to meet the day head on. Knowing that every bit of my kit is organised and ready to go, makeup, shoes, my Ballroom dresses and Latin outfits all hung on the clever built-in telescopic rail ready to grab for a quick costume change. The different shoes I need, even my drinks and snack, it’s all there for me! 
It’s been 3 years now since I was bought my first Dream Duffel Medium, I chose the Pink Zebra Stripe, and it’s been my reliable companion throughout, never letting me down, in fact I’m so pleased with how good it looks that I ended up getting one of the Dream Duffel “Sparkle” Back Packs, which I now use for school. Over-all I would say that finding my Dream Duffel has help influence my approach to my dancing, changed the way that I think about my competitions and made those fast, hectic weekends away much easier to deal with by simply being organised! 
Thanks for reading my first blog post  
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